Electric vehicle charging stations
in Portugal and in Europe

Electric vehicle charging stations - Charging

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If you’re in Portugal and need to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle on the road, you’ll have around 5.100 chargers available to you.
These are distributed over 2.240 different locations, but worry not, we have just what you need.

The public electric vehicle charging stations you will find throughout the country can be rapid battery chargers, AC and/or DC, and present multiple power output options.

This universe of electric vehicle charging points, in Portugal, is composed of:

  • 3.220 chargers with Type 2 connectors;
  • 541 connectors with a domestic electricity socket – Schuko;
  • 311 connectors with a CHAdeMO electricity socket;
  • 307 CEE 2P+E electricity sockets (blue-camping);
  • 02 CCS2;
  • and, at last, 206 connectors for TESLA vehicles.
Electric vehicle charging stations - Map Portugal

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1. What are electric car charging stations?

Electric car chargers are charging devices connected to the location’s main electricity supply that allow you to charge your electric and hybrid vehicles. The speed of charge will be influenced by whether a charger is single phased or three phased and chargers can have multiple power output options. There are two types of chargers available in the market:

  • wallbox with single phase connection between 2.4 kW and 7.4 kW
  • wallbox with three phase connection between 11 kW and 22 kW.

2. Are electric vehicle charging stations free?

Public charging stations can be free, pay-as-you-go or subscription-based. The prices are defined by the respective networks or property owners. Some car brands, such as Hyundai, Nissan and Tesla provide complimentary public charging at a select number of locations, for their customers.

Normally, public electric charging points have dedicated parking spaces reserved for electric and hybrid vehicles. They can be used by any driver-by and a full charge can take up to two hours.

3. Can I find here all the electric charging points that exist?

No. Here you can find only the public charging stations that we know about and the ones that our users tell us about.

4. What do I need to charge my electric vehicle in each of these electric charging points?

This map shows several public charging station from different operators. Each operator has their own process and requirements, normally all require a rechargeable payment card.

5. Are these electric vehicle charging stations located in safe places?

Each operator selects the locations where they want to install their charging stations, based on daily traffic, lighting and services available nearby, thus these will be relatively safe places.

6. I know an electric vehicle charging station that’s not on your map. How can I add that here?

That’s great news! Please download and open NEXTCHARGE’s app. In the menu, select “Add station" (top right corner) and follow the instructions.
Each new charging station can take up to 24 h to show in the interactive map above.